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Nepal Red Cross Society serves the people in need via its multiple services like relief distribution and emergency health in case of disaster or crisis, blood transfusion, ambulance, eye care, first-aid and restoring family links.

The Society provides assistance to the vulnerable communities on Disaster Risk Reduction, Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) promotion, Road Safety, and Emergency Health.

Along with the mentioned services, NRCS promotes gender equality and social inclusion aiming to reinforce the culture of non-violence, non-discrimination, and peace by mobilizing its staff and volunteers having a huge network throughout the country including Junior and Youth members.

These activities are carried out as a part of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement as well as an auxiliary to the public authorities in humanitarian services in Nepal.

Our work is guided by the multiyear covering Development Plan, currently 7th in the order. Based on the 7th Development Plan, the key priorities of NRCS are the following.

  1. Save lives from disasters and crises situations: promote relief, recovery and resilience building
  2. Enable healthy, safer and resilient living
  3. Promote Protection, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion: a culture of non-discrimination, non-violence & peace
  4. Establish responsive and responsible governance and effective management system at all levels

Nepal Red Cross Society has been delivering its services through different departments, units, projects and other common services. Read more about the services provided from the below links.