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To keep our ambulances running and relief operations prepared to take action in case of the disasters, we need your support!

If you’re interested to donate to NRCS, you can do it by Draft / Cheque / Cash / Bank Transfer. Please contact Nepal Red Cross Society, National Headquarter via telephone 01-4671608 / 01-4270650 or send email to if you need more detailed instructions.

You can also send “A/C payee” Cheque / Draft in favour of “Nepal Red Cross Society”.

Deposit as per the following bank details:

Bank name: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited
Bank address: New Baneswor, Kathmandu , Nepal
Account name: Nepal Red Cross Society
Account number (saving): 17-0002089-55
Swift code: SCBLNPKA

Thank you for your support.

We are currently developing different ways to donate money or goods to Nepal Red Cross Society. If you have some ideas, please feel free to contact us.

For further information about donations or if you want to donate as an organization, please contact Mr. Ashok Karki by email,

Donations to a specific District or Project

If you wish to support a specific Red Cross District Chapter or a project in your own area, please contact your nearest District Chapter.

When fire took everything, Red Cross provided the help!

Ram Bahadur’s house caught a fire, and eventually was burned down completely. He lost everything: home, food, clothes, and shelter. He and six other family members had to sleep under the open sky. Red Cross provided the family some cash and food to start their life again.

NRCS is the largest humanitarian organization in Nepal. Our team of volunteers and staff reaches yearly thousands of the most vulnerable people. But we need your help to reach even more people and communities – like Ram Bahadur and his family from Ilam.