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The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) is committed to quality and result oriented performance along with accountability towards people who needs services and supports during a disaster or any crisis. Hence, in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the organization to deliver quality service to people who are in need, the NRCS has envisioned planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and information management (PMER-IM) division. The division is responsible to coordinate, mainstream and standardize all PMER-IM initiatives across the NRCS.

Over the last 10 years, NRCS endorsed generic PMER framework and common tools;

  • translated IFRC’s Programme Project Planning (PPP) Manual into Nepali language and adapted it into NRCS context
  • Built PMER/information management (IM) capacity of more than 800 staff and volunteers from headquarters and 30 selected districts
  • Carried out onsite mentoring initiatives and developed toolkits for programmes
  • Formed the PMER-IM-Coms-CEA-GESI working group at headquarters
  • Established web/mobile-based management information system (MIS) for earthquake response operation,
  • Established disaster information management system (DIMS), which includes digitizing the government’s Initial Rapid Assessment (IRA) template, linking district and local level post-disaster assessment information collection to NRCS headquarters, and piloting the system in three districts, and sensitized programme teams and district chapters on the importance of proper planning, M&E and reporting

All these efforts have helped in data readiness and timely decision making for programme intervention and disaster response to some extent. 

The NRCS PMER-IM division is responsible for coordinating, facilitating and monitoring PMER-IM functions in NRCS with support of departments, senior management and partners.

The division reports independently to and seeks advice from NRCS Executive Director for smooth PMER-IM functions in NRCS. At the operational level, deputy director together with IM expert and PMER officers are accountable to monitor and ensure the PMER-IM functions across the organization.

Key roles and responsibilities

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

  • Facilitate NRCS’s strategic and operational planning processes
  • Monitor and ensure all programmes/projects abide by the NRCS’s PMER-IM Framework
  • Establish a strategic monitoring and evaluation system
  • Establish the NRCS-wide reporting system

Information management

  • Identify and consider strategic information management initiatives for delivering effective services and quality programme/projects
  • Review and present PMER-IM and information communication technology investments aligning with NRCSDevelopment Plan and operational priorities
  • Identify and manage strategic information management related risks.

Capacity building and technical support

  • Help to strengthen PMER-IM capacity of technical staff and volunteers through regular training/refresher training, coaching and mentoring activities
  • Provide technical guidance and support to programme/project staff with their planning, M&E, reporting and information management, including the development of data collection, processing and reporting tools/templates
  • Monitor and provide technical support to help ensure the quality of programme/project PMER-IM documents such as the logframe/programme logic/ theory of change, M&E plan and progress reports
  • Regularly update and share the latest/new PMER-IM tools and thinking within NRCS.
  • Build capacity in project/programme proposal development and help to ensure the quality of project proposals developed by technical units

Sharing and coordination

  • Coordinate sharing of internal PMER-IM expertise and resources
  • Promote learning and knowledge management system in NRCS


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1Tara Devi GurungDeputy, 9849147733
2Deepak DawadiInformation Management Specialist, 9851077786