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A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Jajarkot District on 3 November 2023 at 11:47 local time. The epicentre was located in Ramidanda in Jajarkot district. As of 21November 2023, 154 people (101 in Jajarkot and 53 in Rukum West) have lost their lives and 366 were reported injured.

NRCS volunteers providing psychological first aid (PSS)

To date, this Emergency Appeal, which seeks CHF 5,000,000, is 9 per cent funded. Further funding contributions are needed to enable the NRCS with the support of the IFRC, to continue providing humanitarian assistance in the immediate response and provide an integrated recovery approach to the affected population.

The operation update report can be downloaded from here.

NRCS volunteer assessing the damaged of the house.