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NRCS would like to request you to take part in the photo competition and creative works on the occasion of it’s 58th Annual Day.

Rules for photo competition

  • The photo can be individual or group related to RC Movement.
  • The photos should show actions or appeal or message or engagement in RC action.
  • The photo without the proper use of a face mask will not be accepted. Photos should have Red Cross emblem/logo.
  • Photos should have a short caption (who, where and what) with #nrcs58 or #nrcsday58.
  • An individual can post multiple photos in a different time.
  • The photo should be posted on their own Facebook or Twitter page between 24 August to 4 September no later than 17:00 hours
  • NRCS can use the photos for promotion in different forms. 
  • Best photos will be awarded.

Rules for the creative works

Genre: Story, poem/song, art, oratory, audio or video

General rules:

  • The creative works should be related to NRCS, COVID-19, disaster and humanitarian service.
  • Nepali or English language can be used as per need.
  • NRCS can use those creative works for publication and dissemination.
  • Best creation in each genre will be awarded separately. They will be published through different channels.
  • Creative works should be posted individually in their post with #nrcs58 or #nrcsday58 within 4 September by 17:00 hours. The creators are encouraged to post the creation in the page: NRCS Social Media Volunteers on COVID-19 (
  • An independent panel of the judge will be formed for evaluation for each genre.

Specific rules:

  1. Story: Inspiriting individual stories within 500 words (preferably in the Nepali language).
  2. Poem/song: Inspiriting individual stories within 200 words (preferably in the Nepali language) in verse or blank verse.
  3. Art: The art can be done in A4 or A3 size with single or multiple colour.
  4. Oratory: The subject for the audio or audio-video is” Myself, My Community and Red Cross ” not more than 200 seconds. 
  5. Video: The subject for the video is “NRCS role, history, performance and its services during disasters, COVID-19 and other situations” limited between 150-300 seconds.