Women’s meaningful participation- Abstract of research study from WASH project at Bajhang, Nepal

This file is a learning brief about women's  participatin. It is related to Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Project  which was implemented in Bajhang District in Nepal’s remote far west. This abstract is based in a research conducted in May-June 2018 which shows that the project has left a meaningful legacy of improved participation, leadership and decision-making by women.

Call for women's identity and empowerment

On the special occasion of 107th International Women's Day, Kalpana Kafle (43) joined blood donation drive for the 12th time at Santibatika, Ratnapark along with 20 other donors. On filling the donation form, "Giving blood always makes me happy because donating blood doesn't cost anything but helps others." She added, “Today, 8March, is the women's day and when Red Cross announced about this camp from the loudspeaker, I decided to donate again."

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