Ganga: a struggling breadwinner

"It is a bit hot over here, have a rest for couple of minutes and drink chilly water. You can have Chatpate (hot and sharp tidbits of wet peas, bubbled potato and so on.) if you like." I could not disregard that sweet offer of Ganga mother. While I was having Chatpate, she showed me her little grocery shop and said, "Nani (Kind gesture for young lady), this work is going bravo for me. See! I can earn cash with no diligent work."

Yes, the circumstance of Ganga Devi from Indrawati-5, Sindhupalchowk was more awful previously.

Three years before, she lost her better half. She had one son. He left her alone and has not returned home yet. She used to work entire day as a labor in her community, yet she never had enough cash for the food.

"With the growing age, I lost energy; also it is hard for me to get a work being an older woman." She could not stop her tears recalling her past. Not just this, she lost her home in wrecking quake of 2015. After the tremor, she resided in her relative's home. "While I was working in my sister's home for survival; I was chosen as a beneficiary for livelihood on the basis of vulnerable family." she smiled. "Presently, this old woman has become a basic grocery proprietor. I earn myself. I have started sparing two three thousands." Her voice loaded with pleased.

Coming to this age, passing three decades of life, still I saw zeal in Ganga mother's eyes. The mettle of, I can survive myself by doing something has been erected in her spirit. Just there was a lack of cash to fire up. I thought she empowered with Nepal Red Cross Society support.

Nepal Red Cross Society earthquake program gave her 40 thousand cash (Nepali Rupees) for livelihood. Additionally provided a two -day training to deal with the productive utilization of the cash. "After training I started this shop. Isn't that Chatpate great?" She has a trust in her exertion. "Is this your own home?" Before finishing my inquiry indicating her shop, she replied, "No, I took it in lease. I pay five hundred every month. "

"These days, I sell a two, three thousand's groceries every day. I expend 30-40 thousand to purchase groceries in a month for a shop and10-15 thousand for my household expenses." Ganga says, "I save three to five thousand monthly in a nearest cooperative institution for my future."

"Nepal Red Cross Society has supported the easy earnings to the older, single headed and helpless woman like me who had to work hard for hand to mouth. I want to salute this organization who returned the happiness in my face." The tear of joy drops from Ganga's eyes.

(Prepared by Pushpa Khanal, PGI Officer, ERO NRCS HQs in support of Sanju Tamang, Social mobilizer, ERO Sindhupalchok and Santosh Duwe, Livelihood Officer, ERO Sindhupalchok)