Women’s meaningful participation- Abstract of research study from WASH project at Bajhang, Nepal

This file is a learning brief about women's  participatin. It is related to Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Project  which was implemented in Bajhang District in Nepal’s remote far west. This abstract is based in a research conducted in May-June 2018 which shows that the project has left a meaningful legacy of improved participation, leadership and decision-making by women.
The report highlights impact of the project aimed  to motivate and empower households to address their WASH challenges and community decision makers to sustainably manage access to water and sanitation and maintain improved hygienic practices. The project targeted 50% female representation on Ward level WASH Committees and WUCs, and supported women to take up management or technical roles
The project concept was guided by the Government of Nepal’s 2011 Sanitation Master Plan. The WASH project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Red Cross and implemented by Nepal Red Cross Society from July 2014 to June 2018.
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