NRCS Disaster Management Strategic Framework 2010-2015

Foreword The Nepal Red Cross Society is clear in its mission that is to relieve human suffering and to reduce vulnerability through community participation and mobilization of an increased number of volunteers. Mobilization of power of humanity, expansion and strengthening of the organizational structure of the society and building links with governmental and nongovernmental organizations are the strategic components of the mission. Since its inception in 1963, disaster management has remained as the key area of activities of NRCS and, thus, put all efforts to establish and strengthen its structures, working mechanism and systems to work with all including Movement and Non-Movement partners. With the growing challenges to alleviate human suffering, NRCS needed more strategic policies and action tools resulting into the development of this strategic framework so as to guide its overall activities of disaster management. This document is geared towards addressing needs of vulnerable communities, strengthening of institutional capacities as well as defined scope and areas of interventions. Thus, this strategic framework (2010-2015) has come to the present shape and is aimed to prove it as a milestone in disaster management.

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