Nepal Earthquake- One Year Progress Report

One year after a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April, 2015, Red Cross Movement Partners published one year progress report.
• In the first six months after the earthquake, the Nepal Red Cross Society, supported by Red Cross and Red Crescent partners from around the world, reached more than three million people with emergency help.
• In the hours, days and weeks after the disaster, the Nepal Red Cross drew on its strong network of community-based volunteers to reach people in the worst-affected 14 districts.
• One year on, the Red Cross is making significant progress in helping affected families and communities to recover from this disaster. Thousands have benefited from safe water, healthcare, and cash support to re-establish their livelihoods.
• There have been challenges around the pace of recovery efforts which have compromised the dignity of survivors. Shelter remains a priority need.
• Shelter remains the foremost humanitarian priority need yet thousands of survivors are still living in sub-standard temporary shelters which is compromising their dignity. The Red Cross welcomes progress from the government in finalizing guidance on reconstruction so that support can be channelled to people to rebuild their homes.
• The Red Cross is committed to improving disaster-preparedness and building safer communities in Nepal for the long term. The Red Cross takes an integrated approach to all the priority areas – shelter, livelihoods, health, and water, sanitation and improving hygiene – so that communities can withstand future threats.
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