Women Development Programme

Nepal Red Cross Society is working actively in the area of women's development that started in 1998 aiming to have better representation of women at membership, policymaking, management and implementation level of the society. It has constantly making efforts to coordinate with different departments, sections and program units of NRCS to enhance the capacity of women, increase women participation and their membership in Red Cross. In order to building capacity of women in a systematical way and ensuring the procedure for mobilization effectively, NRCS Central Executive Committee has amended the Gender Development Policy, 2003. The policy formulated for the propose reducing the level of gender discrimination in programme implementation and help to increase the women’s participation within the Society.

NRCS has started to implement the Gender and women development program since 2005 with the support of Federation. Currently women development programme put in to operation in Syangja and Lamjung as regular, Bhaktapur and Myagdi as follow up and Gulmi and Arghakhanchi as phase out districts. Gender sensitization, skill development and financial support for income generation activities are the major activities of the project. Formations of saving and credit groups within the targated women and scholarship program for the student are the supporting activities of the project. Up to now, this project has reached in twelve districts of the different development regions.

General Objective

To increase women membership for better participation of women in NRCS organization, management and implementation activities.


The following three major activities are carrying out from Nepal Red Cross Society, women development programme.

  • Project Implementation
  • Organizational Development
  • Coordination and Cross Cutting

Project Implementation

  • In 1999,with the support from Empress Shoken Fund NRCS implemented for the first time a pilot project at Khokna of Lalitpur district for a year. Health and sanitation, skill development and income generation activities were the major activities of the project.
  • The women development project put into operation in 2001 to 2002 covering to the ten district chapters from different development regions. Training on gender sensitization, skill development training, membership campaign and Red Cross dissemination was the major activities.
  • Gender and Women Development Project has been started for the first time in 2005. Since then it has been continuously implementing in different districts and regions of the country. Up to now, the Project has been launched in 12 districts and out of which in six districts; Ilam, Panchthar, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Dolakha and Dailekh, the project has already been phased over. The project helped to sensitize about the gender and women development, income generation, skill development training for conflict victims, vulnerable and widows. Similarly women committee member, district chapter executive members are also benefited from the project activities.

Organizational Development

  • Formation of Women Committee
    The NRCS formed a central level women's development committee in 1998 consisting five district and five central executive committee members, with the chief of women's development section as member secretary.

    Since then, women development committee is gradually setting up at the district and subchapter level of NRCS. Up to now fifty-seven woman development, committees in the district level and 185 committees in the subchapter level has been formed. These committee are implementing the gender sensitization, seminars, women membership campaign, income-generation, skill development, health camps and literacy classes at the district and subchapter level to empower women and to make them Member of Red Cross.

  • Increasing women Membership
    To increase women membership in the Red Cross and encourage them for better participation in varies tries of the organization, the NRCS has established the "Motivational reward for increasing women participation" at VS 2059. Which results, the women membership has been increased up to 21 percent, which was below 12 percent in 1998.

Following district chapters has been rewarded:

Year 2059 2060 2061 2062 2063 2064 2065 2066
First Sunsari Kavre Panchthar Kavre Banke Panchthar Panchthar Panchthar
Second Panchthar Kanchanpur Palpa Chitwan Chitwan Kaski Kaski Kaski
Third Morang Panchthar Kavre Kaski Tanahun Nawalparasi and Dolakha Dailekh Tanahun

Coordination and Cross Cutting

- Coordinating with different department, section, region and district chapters, the Women development programme has been organizing various gender and women sensitization training and seminars as an integrated approach to develop the resource person and advocate in the district level.

  • A session on gender has been integrated in different training programs of NRCS.
  • Department and programs of NRCS has started to allocate certain budget for gender training.
  • Ensuring thirty-three percent of women participation in NRCS training and seminars of NRCS and started keeping records of women participation.
  • Priority has given in NRCS policy and strategy to the women focused program.

For more detail information please contact at: woman@nrcs.org