Rescue and Relief Services

Because of its location in the disaster prone zone, natural calamities like earthquakes and floods result in disasters of various scales throughout the country every year. Besides this, fire is one of the common disasters that occurs more in the Terai (plain) region.

This year, heavy monsoon rain causing landslide, flash floods and drainage flood affected 13,108 families. Altogether 6,318 houses were completely destroyed. More than 72,826 people were affected, 240persons killed and 2,541 persons injured. In mid and far western region of Nepal, widespread epidemic of encephalitis killed more than 76 persons. Nepal Red Cross Society district chapters provided medicines and relief materials to the victims.

Whereas distribution of relief items like clothing materials, blankets, cooking utensils, roofing sheets and medicaments takes place as per the guidelines of National Headquarters, immediate responses like evacuation and temporary provisions are managed by local units of the Society. In the year 2000-2001 NRCS provided relief material to about 65,538 disaster victims.