Promotion of Humanitarian Values

In order to assist vulnerable people affected by various forms of disasters, NRCS have been carrying various support activities The major activity Nepal Red Cross handled with great success in its early years was to promote humanitarian values by managing Tibetan refugees, and sheltering them in camps located in various parts of Nepal, collaborating with ICRC, UNHCR and Swiss Red Cross. Later on the challenging work for NRCS was to educate the people of Nepal about the Red Cross knowledge, international humanitarian law and humanitarian values by providing immediate service to the people who are suffering from all sorts of problems. The adoption of Red Cross principles in providing services to the vulnerable people following the sprit of volunteerism and sacrifice by Nepali Red Cross members of all types has established the image of NRCS as an impartial and neutral social organization with safer access for the service of human being in Nepal. The working of NRCS in Nepal has demonstrated that the image of NRCS depends on the positive perspectives of the people. These perspectives of the people need to be strengthened further by translating the Red Cross principles and humanitarian values into action by NRCS and its volunteers through their services to vulnerable people.  

Promotion of fundamental principles and humanitarian values as a priority programme has been implemented in an integrated manner since the inception of NRCS. Integration has been made with the programme of disaster, health, junior and youth. However, it has been operated in a more concentrated model after fundamental principles and humanitarian values have been prioritized as one of the core programme areas through the Fourth Development Plan. The scope of humanitarian vales has been focused on reducing discrimination and respecting diversity.

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