Junior/Youth Red Cross


Nepal Junior/Youth Red Cross formed in 1965 as a youth wing of Nepal Red Cross Society. Junior Circles contain members from schools, while campuses and the general community make up Youth Circles.

In keeping with the Red Cross mandate of empowerment, each circle and district chapter sustains its own programs and activity agenda, based on community needs and local resources, for ongoing humanitarian benefits.

All Nepal Junior/Youth Red Cross activities place an emphasis on gender awareness. Active encouragement for girls to participate has led to a substantially higher ratio of female to male membership than in current NRCS adult membership.

Junior/Youth Red Cross is proud to have an organizational network of almost 3,500 circles and close to 800,000 Junior/Youth members throughout Nepal. They are aged between 5 and 25 years, and many adult Red Cross volunteers have previously been involved at Junior/Youth level.

Through Junior/Youth Red Cross, the young people of Nepal are provided with opportunities for dynamic leadership and personal development. In exchange, our youth volunteers are dedicated foremost to humanitarian activities, with the motto "I serve".

A Junior/Youth National Seminar is an opportunity for young people across Nepal to communicate their ideas, as well as their unique culture, to their peers.

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The four fields of activity of Junior/Youth Red Cross are:

  • Protection of life and health
  • Promoting international friendship and understanding
  • Dissemination of Red Cross principles & International Humanitarian Law
  • Service to the community.

The programs and projects of Junior/Youth Red Cross include:

Program Year commenced Districts reached People reached
Organization and Service 1965 All 75 1,000,000
Drinking Water and Sanitation 1984 45 290,000
HIV/AIDS Awareness , Prevention and advocacy 1994 40 500,000