First Aid

Is there need of First Aid Training? Training Boucher /One day orientation course/ Basic First Aid Training Course



1. First Aid Training Standardization (FATS) Program:

Education about health problems and methods of controlling them.

Enhance quality of first aid training course curriculum and systematize and regularize first aid training and relative activities of NRCS at different level.

  1.2 The Specific Objectives of the FATS Program :
    1. To consolidate and update first aid course curriculum as well as bring standard in it,
    2. To develop and purchase didactical materials (including volunteer, trainer's manuals) for first aid training,
  • To form First Aid Unit as focal point at District Branch to mange district level first aid activities.
  • To prepare first aid trainers (District Core Group) at district level,
  • To prepare first aid volunteers at district level,
  • To mobilize first aid trainers forming Regional Core Group and National Core Group (RCG, and NCG) to systematize first aid training activities,
  • To conduct Promotional First Aid (PFA) Program/activities for income generation and capacity building of NRCS.
  1.3 The Major Components of the FATS Program
  • Training Course Curriculum with Didactical Materials ,
  • Establish regularize and quality control mechanism of first aid training and relative activities,
  • Developing and marketing first aid related souvenirs
2. Promotional First Aid (ProFA) Program:
  2.1 Objective of the Promotional First Aid (ProFA) Program :
  1. To support in sustainability of first aid activities through the development of institutional capability.
  2. To build relationship with different organization for First Aid Training.
3. Community Based First Aid (CBFA) Program :

General Objective of CBFA program :

Capacities of communities are built to manage injuries and illness during normal daily life and during disasters.

  3.2 Specific Objectives of the CBFA program:
  • To establish first aid service in the targeted communities through trained FA volunteers,
  • To establish an enabling environment to practice positive health behavior in the community,
  • To organize and prepare the community for local disaster response,
  • To build the capacity of the Red Cross district chapters, sub-branches at local to promote and manage CBFA activities towards community
  3.3 Major Components of CBFA program :
  • 1.First Aid,
  • Community Health,
  • Disaster preparedness and
  • Institutional Development of Nepal Red Cross.
4. Emergency First Aid (EFA) Program :

General Objective of the EFA Program

Enhancing capacity of district chapter to manage first aid service activities to injured or sick during internal armed conflict.


Specific Objectives of the EFA Program

  • To select, trained and equipped volunteers for first aid service,
  • To form Red Cross Action Team (RCAT) and mobilize them in time of any emergency for carrying out first aid service.
  • To conduct first aid raining for media personnel, drivers and the police,
  • To advertise first aid as well as mobilize mobile first aid posts in public day like: festival, sports day, fun fair, religious gathering etc. in which mass of the people are gathered.

Major Components of the EFA Program

  • RCAT mobilization in emergency formation,
  • Advertisement of first aid skill and knowledge

Is there need of First Aid Training?

Nepal Red Cross Society conducts First Aid Training in three categories, First Aid Orientation Course, Basic First Aid Training and Advanced First Aid Training thought out the country. It is the only organization which conducts First Aid Training which is based on the course curriculum approved by Nepal Government. Nobody can predict about emergencies like disaster or accident, where, when and upon whom it could befall. First aid knowledge and skills enable us to save lives and limbs to minimize the impact during such situations. In a developing country like ours, where health facilities is insufficient to majority of the people and what is available that are concentrated mainly in the urban areas. Learning first aid means saving life of others in case of any occurrences, but, one could be saved by others if others too have such skills. Thus, first aid should be learnt by all and all should be encouraged to learn it.

See Training Schedule 1. One day orientation course 2. Basic FA course