Finance and Resource Management

The Finance and Resource Management Department is responsible not only for accounting but also for resource mobilization that includes resource generation, utilization and appropriate management. Funds are being generated from diverse sources like membership, house rents, sales of stationary and goods, investment in banks and finance companies, individual, corporate and organizational donations, donation boxes, blood labs, training halls and fundraising campaigns.

NRCS has also established a souvenir production and distribution unit to disseminate Red Cross in general with the help of different products where Red Cross emblem has been printed. Since its establishment, it has produced varieties of Red Cross pins, caps, T-shirts, key chains and other items according to the need. Besides it, many publications of Red Cross have also been sold out through the unit, which enables general peoples and especially Red Cross chapters, sub-chapters, junior, youths and others involved to have enough information and guidelines about the Red Cross. 
NRCS has internal audit system for internal control and rectification of errors which has brought uniformity in account keeping and financial management.

To ensure the records of all property, NRCS has a property management section. This section is responsible for collecting rent, maintaining and updating all property of NRCS.