Disaster Preparedness for Safer Schools in Nepal (DPSS-2) Project


Based on the first phase experiences, outcomes as well as realizing the extensive need of disaster preparedness in vulnerable schools in Nepal; Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) and National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) have been continuing second phase of the program “Disaster Preparedness for Safer Schools in Nepal (DPSS-2)” to implement jointly with the funding support from American Red Cross (ARC). First phase of the program had been completed in January 2011 and now the second phase is being implemented which will run until 2014.

Under this program, three objective(s) has established as follows:
• Improve disaster safety of public schools and communities through hazard awareness; improved disaster management skills among school children, teachers and parents; and by establishing proper disaster preparedness and response systems.
• Enhance the disaster management capacity of implementing organizations through building capacity of Junior Red Cross in schools, the Sub Chapters at the local level, and District Chapters at the district level for better response.
• Assist to institutionalize disaster safety concepts into the public education system by advocating the disaster safety concept. 
DPSS-2 program includes the development and adaptation of training curricula on school based disaster preparedness, delivery of training courses, preparation and implementation of school disaster preparedness plans, disaster preparedness drills, household preparedness plan, model of VDC level preparedness plan, district disaster preparedness plan, capacity building of local government technical staff, community awareness and establishment of links between city/community preparedness plan and school preparedness plan. The program has implemented disaster preparedness training and disaster preparedness activities in selected schools of Bhaktpur, Nuwakot and Rasuwa all together three districts, which will contribute to build a safer schools in Nepal.

The program has been implemented in 220 schools. Among them, the program has been implemented intensively in 55 schools (called core program schools) and the remaining 165 schools will be oriented/educated through the core program schools. A total of 39,660 students, teachers and community members will benefit directly through the training programs, orientation and program interventions while 250,000 students, teachers and community members will benefit indirectly.

We want the safer schools all over the Nepal, and the DPSS-2 program envisions the safer schools all over the Nepal in coming future.