Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Members

(Annex -4, Related to NRCS Constitution's Article 49)

As a volunteer/member of the Nepal Red Cross I express my commitment of follows:

  1. I will remember – “I am representing International Red Cross Movement.”
  2. I will study, understand, follow and disseminate the following:
    -Fundamental Principles of International Red Cross Movement (Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and Universality)
    -Ideals of Volunteer services of the Red Cross
    -Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols
    -Promote of Red Cross Emblem and work to stop its misuse.
  3. I will be always aware to reduce human suffering, and respect every person.
  4. Before taking decision on dualistic matters I will consult the Red Cross bodies keeping in view its ideals and principles.
  5. I will willingly support as appealed by the Nepal Red Cross bodies keeping in view the ideals and principles.
  6. I will take the responsibility of service work as per my ability, and carefully carry out such works with flexibility.
  7. I will assist the Society to strengthen it being aware of its Constitution, mission, vision, and objectives and policies.
  8. I will promote understanding with all including fellow volunteers/ members, establishing harmonious relationship.
  9. I will fulfil my duties without any discrimination based on nationality, caste, gender, political opinion or religious belief.
  10. I will protect the belief and self- respect of the people I serve,
  11. I will advocate for the vulnerable people and will try to give them quality services in every possible way.

I express my commitment not to these acts:

  1. I will not commit to anyone regarding the use of equipment/ properties of Nepal Red Cross without prior consent of the authorized body/ office-bearer or person
  2. I will not misuse my position, emblem and property of the Nepal Red Cross for personal benefit.
  3. I will not use the batch, identity card other articles with Red Cross emblem received as a member/volunteer of the Red Cross in any purpose other than in the works of Red Cross Movement and such humanitarian works.
  4. I will not use Red Cross Membership/ Position/Post for the illegal benefit of others or myself through institutional transaction or sales,
  5. I will not indulge into any acts including corruption that hampers the image of the Red Cross.